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Pain. Divorce hurts — you don’t have to. There’s life at the end of the tunnel. Whether you’re newly divorced, currently going through a divorce, or you’ve been divorced for a while, we can help. At Successfully Single Men, Dr. Katherine Morris and her team will help you navigate a painful divorce, transforming your suffering into wisdom about yourself and what you want in the next chapter of your life.

Understanding. Dr. Morris understands even the strongest man can feel confused, sad, and sometimes even out of control when facing divorce. She offers compassionate care, deep listening, practical and spiritual guidance.

Experience. Dr. Morris has been through divorce and knows firsthand what it does to people, especially men. Divorce is one of the existential breaks that can happen in life. It breaks the ego structures that tell us who we are, how we are, why we are.

The danger point of the break is trying to manage it alone. You are left floating down the rapids, losing  the sense of being grounded in the familiar, in routine.  With guidance and support, you can look deeper at the ego structures and re-build new structures to replace what has fallen apart.

Results. Men have told her that she literally saved their lives. At the darkest points in the process, suicide can seem like a good option. It never is; there are always better options. Each man who’d considered self harm is proof it that: each one revamped his life and is happier than he ever thought they’d be.  

Promise. Divorce can be a big opportunity for growth, but it’s scary. I’ll walk through the darkness with you until you can see the light of your future.

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When my wife asked me for a divorce after 22 years of marriage I was stunned. No, we didn’t have a perfect marriage, and we argued a fair amount, but I didn’t think that was a reason to divorce. Obviously, my wife did. She asked me to move out. I did.
At first I was relieved. But then I started to notice all the things my wife was doing to manage my life – food, bills, repairs, kids, odds and ends. And, I didn’t even know how to cook.  When the legal aspects got piled on, I felt broken. It seemed like it was the end of the world for me. Everything I worked for was going to be taken from me.
Desperate and on the advice of a good friend, I contacted Dr. Morris. She did a lot of listening and practical problem solving. With no prior experience with divorce i dont think i could ever have brought my life to as good a place as it is, on my own. She and her team gave me solutions, hope and another way of looking at things. I didn’t lose everything. I got a new and better life.
Randy H.

I had been willing to stay in a miserable marriage rather than face life alone. Once my wife served divorce papers I had to face life alone and I was quietly frantic.

Step by step, Dr. Morris coached me into a calmer mindstate, enabling me to focus on what I had to do next. She and her team got me settled in a new place, furnished it, transitioned me into eating at home, helped me get reams of paperwork collected and organized, connected me with healthcare providers, and showed me how to have fun in my life. I’m not joking when I tell people my divorce could have gone either way: it could have killed me or freed me. Because I didn’t go it alone, I’m free. Captain Dan V.

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