Debbie DeChambeau, creator of the Divorced Exposed podcast, talks to Dr. Morris about 8 Common Pitfalls for Men to Avoid as they are going through divorce.  Most of us get married thinking it will last forever…..and then reality sets in…we change, we grow and so often, we stop doing it together. Some couples manage to work through the tough times and some couples throw in the towel. Dr. Katherine Morris talks about Successfully Single Men and how she helps divorcing/ed men transition smoothly from married to being successfully single life.

In addition to Dr. Morris, you’ll hear from Dan who is one Dr. Morris’s clients. You’ll hear him chime in a few times throughout the conversation with his insights on this topic. After we stopped recording, Dan mentioned that men age 50 have the highest rate of suicide. In his opinion, one of the contributors is divorce and men not feeling like they have anything left. They hear from their friends and family how they’ll lose everything — their house, their business, their family and then what do they have left. It’s understandable that they want to give up, but life is too precious and divorce shouldn’t be the end, it should be viewed as an initiation into better things to come.