The divorce support sites I’ve come across offer good advice for the most part. Keep communication non-emotional, have age-appropriate discussions with your children, eat well, sleep, don’t self-medicate, watch comedies, do things you enjoy at least once a week…etc.

There are equally useful unconventional things you can do to help you through the divorce process. I know this isn’t for everyone but it is for some. I’ve seen men really shift gears mentally and strategically as a result.


The first unconventional approach is consulting a first class legitimate astrologer. My own personal experience with one astrologer blew me away. I had spoken with him the year before. I usually start the session by asking him a few questions which he’d answer based on what was happening in my astrological chart [natal chart].

This time was different.  The call started with him asking me “Are you complete with your marriage?”  My marriage was winding down but I was ambivalent about it. I felt guilty and uncertain about ending it despite its unhappy state. Shocked, I asked him what he meant.  My chart indicated that my husband and I were together for a reason and we’d completed the work we were meant to do together. This resonated with me because we had seen each other through medical, educational, financial, and familial challenges during our time together.  These challenges had all resolved thanks to the support we gave each other.  The resolution of the challenges put each of us in a new place in our lives. He was retired, healthy, and now in good relationship with his extended family. He wanted to travel and spend time with family from a prior marriage.  I was starting a new business, completing research work, and not free to travel or spend extended periods of time with family.  Tensions grew, fights ensued. Neither of us could have seen this coming.

The astrologer’s words jarred me because he had no way of knowing my marriage was ending from anything I’d told him. It was in my astrological chart. He explanation comforted me: there are cycles in life, natural beginnings and endings over which we have no control. He was spot on: the marriage was complete. It brought many blessings for each of us. Now it was time to end the marriage, which we did.

Astrology also provides insights into our psyche’s and those of our spouses. Clients of mine who have consulted with astrologers have found comfort in understanding their spouses behavior from a different angle.  They learn how patterns of personality and the movement of the planets influence their career, relationships, finances, and attitudes, etc.


The other approach is conferring with a well-respected psychic. Here too, clients find solace in getting a different perspective on what’s happening in their lives. One client saw his world crashing down around him. He wasn’t imagining it; he had to close his business, sell his home, move to a new undesirable location with no prospects for re-building any time soon.

Several sessions with a psychic helped buoy his spirits. He was going to be in a better place in about one and a half to two years, she said. He’d be able to keep the house he wanted and would embark on a new very exciting phase in his career once this period was over.

This seemed like wishful thinking at the time but it gave him hope. About 19 months later, he got to keep the house and began working on a new satisfying professional project he never imagined would come to pass.

What was the value of the psychic reading? Hope was one but perhaps more importantly, her reading kept him from taking actions he’d later regret.   People can hang in there if they know there is a something worth waiting for. The information he got enabled him to cling to a thread of belief that the psychic was correct. He’s so glad he did. Today he is a happy man.