This may seem like an odd post to have on a successfully single men’s website but I’ll tell you why it’s not.

  • Once you’ve become successfully single you are in touch with who you are.
  • You aren’t defined by being someone’s spouse.
  • You know how you like to be spoken to and treated.
  • You feel good about yourself.
  • The mistakes you’ve made make you human, not a bad person, and you’ve learned from them.
  • You don’t need another person, you’d like to share your life with another person as mutually respectful partners.
  • You are attracted to people who can love and be responsible for themselves, not someone you want to rescue or conquer.
  • You are enjoying your life. You have a social network, you do things that satisfy you.
  • You feel like you’re contributing to society.
  • You’re good at setting boundaries.
  • You listen to your gut. When something or someone doesn’t seem right, you respect your instincts and take care of yourself.

You’ve got all of this going for you. Now you are ready to find a wife that you’ll be happy with long term. It all begins with you. You may have thought I’d suggest online dating, joining groups, going on singles’ trips. Those are all viable ways to find a wife. Finding a wife isn’t enough. You want to find the right wife and that happens when you’ve found yourself. That may sound woo woo until you pause to think about it.  Look at your friends/family who have good marriages. What makes them good? Two partners who have a healthy sense of themselves and are committed to one another.  Look at the not so good marriages. What makes them subpar? Usually at least one partner has a emotional or psychological issues – eg. borderline personality disorder, narcissism, self-centeredness, anger issues, addiction (overwork, drugs, food, sex, alcohol…) to name a few.  When such conditions are not addressed and treated, the marriage suffers terribly.

Formula for finding a wife and enjoying your life: become a successfully single man first!