Katherine Morris, Ph.D. & Coach

Dr. Katherine Morris is the president and founder of Successfully Single Men. She is a psychologist and a coach who caringly assists men go through divorce. Dr. Morris has years of experience assisting men going through divorce and other major life changes. Having grown up with divorced parents and been divorced herself (now happily remarried), she understands divorce and how it can be a positive transformative experience.

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Over the years of working with men going through divorce, Dr. Morris sees divorce as a valuable inflection point in a man’s life. He’s being “invited” by life events to re-write the next chapter of his life. The “invitation” is rarely welcome for it’s a painful process, which if skillfully worked with, can lead to a welcome transformation.

The danger lies in collapsing or acting out in the face of challenges that come with the divorce process. This can be avoided by having the right kind of support and guidance. The men who are happiest post-divorce are the ones who have don’t try to tough out the process and go it alone. There is a kinder gentler way. Dr. Morris and her team offer such a way.